Vendor & Driver

A- Check your username and password properly. And still, the issue is their email us
or contact us on our help line.

A-You can't use other apps excluding google map. And you will be able to receive
calls it won't affect your ongoing service.

A-Check your GPS setting is on or not. If it is on then check your network
connection. And if still there is any issue you can reach us through our email
address and mobile number.

A- Duties are based on the driver star rating.

A-Try to reinstall the app or update the app. And if still there is any issue then reach
us via our contact number and email address.

A- If you're not receiving many (or any!) trip requests while online, try these steps:
1. Check you're within the approved service area for the city.
2. Make sure you're using the GizmoTab partner app.
3. Move to an area of the city with higher demand.
Please let us know here if you'd like more assistance.

A. You can visit our office in your city. Our city team would be happy to guide you
through the registration process.
Typical steps to register are as follows
1. Documents verification
2. Equipment and driver audit to meet our standards
3. Driver training
4. Contract signing and device handover

A- if vendor / Driver cancel the duty then penalty policy is applied to that vendor
Vendor Acceptance/Rejection Limits:
- Order should be accepted/ Rejected within 10 mins of order hitting the App
(Book now ).
(Schedule Booking) - The operational team will assign the operator initially phase.
Minimum 3 Orders per month allowed for late acceptance.
For next late update (Acceptance/Rejection), will be fined

A- You can call us on our help line or email us at

A- Visit our nearest office or contact us on our helpline number.

A-Typically it takes close to 24hrs. to be ready to take bookings.

A-We runs referral schemes from time to time; all details are shared with the
partners on a regular basis.

A- Waiting time is the time the driver has to wait when he reached the working site
but the trip has not been started yet because site engineer didn't come or other
reason. and the waiting charge is applicable on an end user
Waiting for charges on the end user is applicable after 30 min of Machine arrival at
Working site depends upon three factors:
1.Site not clear
2.Staff not present
3.Execution Issue
50 % of actual fare per hour
For example base fare of machine per hour = Rs 653
So 50% of actual fare per hour = 653/2 = 326
So waiting charge applied per min = 326/60 = Rs5.4 per minute

Pause timing is the timing used by driver to pause the trip because of nature's call,
lunch break etc

A-Mob/ Demob are calculated in total fare according to the machine define mob/
demob cost in the back panel of that machine and toll prices are calculated
according to the number of toll taxes applicable between source and destination
and rates are defined according to that toll. we are using toll API to get toll prices.

A. Once Gizmotab will received the payment from end user , your payment will
transfer to your linked account with in 7 working days.

A. Work order is on your company's name, which you register with Gizmotab.


You can add the amount in Gizmotab credit using your debit/credit card or netbanking and can use in future bookings.

you can contact us through email or phone call for booking cancellation.

Just tap on the equipment which you want to book in advance and then tap on schedule button for advance booking

For first 30 minutes there will be no charge. However, after that if you cancel the booking you have to pay 3% cancellation charge.

For refund you have to make the request in written to our support email address -

You can always tell us your concern through email address and phone call.

You can get the invoice of your work in booking option of our app. Just tap on the booking for which you want the invoice or you can request us for the invoice by writing a mail on

By tapping on equipment you can check the price for that particular equipment in advance or while making a booking you can confirm the price on confirmation page. 


704, 7th Floor, ACME Plaza,
Andheri Kurla Road,
Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400059

Golcha garden, Lal Dungri,
Agra Road, Jaipur - 302003


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